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Who should serve in the IDF?

For 64 years, the state of Israel has dealt with a major and very sensitive issue: Ultra Orthodox Jews men do not serve in the IDF like the majority of Jewish citizens. David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, established a few ground rules named Status quo, preserve the established religious relations in Israel including: [...]

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Exclusion of women in Israel

During the year of 2011, the Israeli street has came across a known,but not so common in modern Israel, phenomenon: women’s exclusion. It all begun in September 2011, when 9 religious cadets in the IDF officer’s course walked out of an evening seminar on the legacy of the 2008 Operation Cast Lead in Gaza . [...]

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Who is a Jew?

Since the Founding of the State of Israel this question has caused many political and religious arguments. Who is a Jew is a question that deals with Jewish identity. Even during World War 2, this question was rased many times and also was addressed by the Nuremberg Laws. The definition of who is a Jew [...]

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